The community is divided into two sections Patterns A and Patterns B, each having its unique character.
Patterns A is designed with a loop road which winds along the fairly steep gradient.
Patterns B is an arrangement of three cluster parks along an L shaped street.
A Community centre and a playschool, lie at the junction between the two sections.
The houses are designed in response to different family profiles and climate.
The architecture will be evocative of village like spaces and scale.
Landscaped water bodies will serve as rainwater collection and recharge zones.
Provision for Broad band connectivity
The landscape will be designed to encourage biodiversity and conservation of local and indigenous species.
Rainwater will be harvested from the roofs and used for domestic supply.
Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment Plant. and recycling of water for irrigation and flushing.
24 hour Security
Underground service ducts to take care of electricity and communications.
Backup power options
Centralised water supply
Common toilets and change room for servants, drivers etc.