Layout Plan

Layout Plan

In the Patterns community, each home responds to its unique position in the cluster, the street or the shape of the plot. Orientation of the plot decides where the garden would be placed to bring in the pleasant morning and evening sunlight and ensure the uninterrupted flow of gentle breeze.

Some of the homes are oriented to a large open-to-sky garden or courtyard, especially if they are located off a street. This gives them more privacy. Park facing homes are generally set back from the plot edge with spacious private garden in front which enhances the volume of green ahead.

The Patterns community will come up in two phases, A and B.

Patterns-A is a cluster of 45 homes, arranged around a loop road, which winds through cluster parks rising and dipping in harmony with the natural slope of the land. like houses in a low hill development. The road has a gradient and lends to the aesthetics of the open spaces it intertwines.

Patterns-B is a group of 47 houses, arranged in 3 clusters, of which two are around parks and one along a broad street. The gradient is at play here too, with the  L -shaped street at a lower level and the parks sloping up.