The Confluences Club


A Multipurpose Community Club set in the lush green Malhar eco-village, Confluences is also an exclusive space for the Good Earth communities located in the vicinity of Mysore Road to reach out and connect with other vibrant families and individuals.

The club is dedicated to caring and sharing and promoting the overall well being of the big family it welcomes in to its folds.

Facilities at Confluences

  • An indoor court, which doubles up as four badminton courts
  • A squash court
  • Swimming pool,
  • Gymnasium and spa
  • A Football field
  • A Cafe
  • Guest Rooms for members

At Good Earth Malhar, we  revisit the premise of a club as a community space with the specific purpose of bringing people together around the idea of healthy living and healthy bonding.

Confluence is one more manifestation of the community living philosophy. However its scope has been extended, uniquely defined and articulated through a combination of spaces, facilities and activities.The architecture will drive active living—a way of life where physical spaces and simple rhythms of daily life collude to increase opportunities for people to stay fit and happy.

Confluence’s setting nurtures people-to-people and people-to-nature relations. Similarly inclined members will discover a way of connecting through common interests in sports, games and fitness; and shared interests in food, movies, books and more.

Sports, has been universally acknowledged for its power to help people connect. In-house experts will also help the members discover simple ways to add active living to their everyday routine in addition to their workouts at the club.